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Cinnamon Sweat

Cinnamon Sweat

Cinnamon Sweat is a very short book (barely 70 pages) based on a movie script (for which I was spectacularly unsuccessful in gaining any interest from producers).

It's a quirky comedy-drama set in rural South Australia about a no-hit group from the 1970s which plays a gig in a virtual ghost town for Deb, the band's sole remaining fan club member. While being broadcast live on a reality-style online channel, the webcast producers are determined to dig up dirt about Deb's past while ignoring The Big Story: what happened to the band's original guitarist during that fateful tour of 1975?

It is available as an ebook for US$0.99c on Kindle, iPad or iPhone through Amazon. Or you can buy the paper version (remember those?) for about $3, plus postage. Or it is FREE through Smashwords on most formats, such as pdf and doc (click on "original document")









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Bali Billy

Bali Billy is now available

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