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The Oates Trilogy

The Oates Trilogy

After a few years teaching in South Australia and curriculum development and training in Indonesia, I returned to my home town, Adelaide, to write the first of the Oates Trilogy, Bali & Oates, now available online and in bookshops.

Bali & Oates

The Australian Consul-General in Bali, Samantha Oates, has problems. Number One is the Australian Prime Minister, who is visiting to sign the Bali Oil & Gas Access Negotiations (BOGAN) agreement. Although not responsible for organising the visit – or for the acronym – Samantha does have to cope with the ASIO, ASIS and AFP officers who believe that local terrorist groups pose a threat to the PM and the visit.

Ably assisted by Viv (a 60-year-old, digital-whiz Nana Nerd) and Amy (a 16 year old on work experience), Samantha somehow also deals with other male buffoons, including the Ambassador in Jakarta and Baxter The Creep, who is in charge of the office sweep about the reason for the disappearance of Samantha’s colleague Ryan “Bloody” Blake.

Confused? Don’t worry. So are most of the characters.


If you bought Bali & Oates, then it’s your fault if a follow-up is published! The second of the trilogy, Vietnamnesia, has been written and is based in Vietnam. It goes something like this...

In a futile effort to improve his ratings, Prime Minister Rushworth is persuaded to go on a private visit to Vietnam. Accompanied by JB, his obscenely overpaid media consultant, the PM plans to meet his old War buddies, although the late 1960s were a ‘bit of a blur’. Strange things start happening to everyone unfortunate enough to be involved, although the entire trip is being filmed for a documentary.

So, what did the PM really do while serving in the Vietnam War? How does he fare while judging the “Celebrity Dancing Chefs & Singing Renovators” reality TV show hosted by his and Samantha’s daughter, Bec? And how did Dave become a mega-celebrity across Vietnam?

Once again, it’s up to Samantha (the Australian Ambassador in Hanoi), Amy (now in her Gap Year), and Viv (the digital-whiz Granny Geek) to sort out the mess created by characters from Bali & Oates, such as Typhoon Dave, the PM and Ryan "Bloody" Blake.

Afghans & Malaise

If you buy Vietnamnesia, I will promise to write only one more book in this series. Based in Malaysia, and including many of the same characters, the final in the Oates Trilogy has been written and is tentatively called Afghans & Malaise. More details later.

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Bali Billy

Bali Billy is now available

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